My name is Durgesh and I live in India, I am very curious about nature, and I am keen to know myself and tell others too, but due to this blog, I will be interested in nature not only offline but also online. And I will make everyone understand my duty towards nature, I have to connect with nature and everyone should do it


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What is nature

All living beings and things present or created by nature are naturally created. Some examples of nature are trees, plants, water, air, fire, land, and void. And etc. Man is made of these five elements, hence man is also called Panchatatva, all of them are made of nature.


Bikes, cars, and all the vehicles, etc. that have been created by man except all non-living things, apart from this all the planets, stars and sun, and moon are also the gift of nature.

How am I a blogger

I liked becoming a blogger because I can send my thoughts to other people so that they also know and in this way, all the information related to nature will reach all the people, which will create curiosity among people to know about nature. So this is my story of becoming a blogger and I will try to do my duty well.

Why I chose Nature Blog

I have good knowledge about nature which I can tell to others and I love nature because of this I took a nature blog and here I will try to convey all the information related to nature to others so that everyone can know about nature. Need to know something Nature is a part of everyone’s life and it should be understood well and it should be used properly, this is my aim, so I started the blog below.

Why I chose English as the language of my blog?

I started my blog in English, the reason is that I want my blog to be visible not only in India but also in other countries and everyone is curious to know about nature, English language is easy to read for everyone. Easy to use and my blog is easy to read. , In most of the countries, the language of English is used and in other countries, English is mostly used, so that there will never be any problem in reading it.

What posts will you find in this block?

Our site will cover all the posts related to nature and also it will cover trending topics related to nature and also tell you important things through web stories that you will be happy to use in your life. Nature is a small topic No, subjects like human nature, animal nature, etc., all types of posts, clouds, land, etc. used in all types of nature will be covered under this.
Apart from nature, we will also post other topics on your blog that you should know about.

Why is the nature calculator available on our site?

Nature calculator is available on our site which will tell you the nature love score as soon as you enter the name, if your score is showing low then don’t take it to heart because it is just made for fun so you can play with your friends. can and enjoy.

You want to know about us and you have come to know about us, thank you from the bottom of my heart