Friends, nature has so much power over you that it can destroy the world in a moment. But nature loves all living beings equally. Does not discriminate against anyone, whether it is an animal, a bird, or a human being

I love nature and everyone should love nature. I tell everyone the facts related to nature and its beauty. that I will share with you

Often people want to know how much they love nature. or why do I love nature so much? This isn’t really surprising. I love nature and everyone does. But some people are more nature lovers than others. But there are some who love nature for its own sake. I believe that all people depend on nature. Life is not possible without it. Nature is like a mother to us and we are her children. we should appreciate nature.

But we should think about what we should do for nature. And what is appropriate for nature? So that the month can proudly say that I love nature.

I have experienced that if we keep an attachment to nature, other people see us and our future generations will also treat nature with good behavior.

So let us tell you about 12 topics that will make you wonder whether you love nature or why do i love nature.

Nature provides us with many benefits through our environment.

1. Through the air

We all know that all the living beings of the world complete their respiration due to oxygen only. And 21% oxygen is available in the air. Man cannot survive without oxygen. That’s why air is no less than a boon for all of us. Apart from this, if we are in an open environment, in a shade, etc., then the gently blowing winds remove the tiredness of our body and keep us away from depression. Apart from this, it keeps us mentally and physically healthy.

2. Morning sun rays

Why do i love nature so much?
The answer is when you feel the rays of the sun on your body in the fresh atmosphere early in the morning, then all our luxury ends for some time and we feel the world which is very tempting. Everyone should feel it. This is known to all of us, we get vitamin D from the sun which is very useful for our body, the sunlight coming out in the morning makes the bones of a man strong, and it also becomes mentally strong.

3. Relationship with animals

We all living beings have and will have an unbreakable relationship with each other. Even though animals don’t speak our language, they understand everything and respond to us in their own simple language, dogs wag their tails when they are in the mood of love and such creatures express their feelings and thoughts in their own way. Which has to be understood i love the nature.

Whenever you have free time, spend it with animals, it is healthy to do so. And mental pressure also remains less. Apart from this, blood pressure remains controlled and the risk of heart disease remains low. But also keep in mind that if an animal can attack you, then you should keep your distance from it. Otherwise, even metallic animals can attack you and cause harm.

4. By doing yoga and meditation

To date, we have been hearing from all the experienced humans or doctors that a person should do yoga and meditation which is right for us. We should do this regularly in the morning.
By doing this, a person remains physically and mentally strong and fit and at the same time feels refreshed. And he has to work very less to face diseases in the future. This makes their body and immunity system very strong.

5. Eat a Natural diet and feel I love nature

We get many types of delicious fruits and flowers from nature. Eating benefits our body and organ system, and our body gets agile energy. This improves our physical and mental development.
Fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers, and green leaves provide us with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other dressing elements in abundance.

6. I love the nature because nature is so beautiful

The beauty of nature attracts the mind and attracts the mind because many attractive fruits, flowers, trees, and plants are found in nature. The mere sight of this makes the mind happy, and the atmosphere becomes pure and charming with the fragrance of the fragrant flowers. Which forces you to love nature. There is really nothing more beautiful than nature.

7. Relation of human life with nature

There has been a very important and deep connection of human life with nature. Nature is the main source of our life without it life is not possible. Our health is beneficial in life surrounded by natural elements. Nature gives us solace. And fills our life with positivity. The self-confidence and satisfaction of a person connected with nature remain unshakable.

8. Understanding nature’s feelings

Nature benefits us in every way, and attracts us towards itself so that we can be useful to nature. We can understand its gesture from the ISRO given by nature. (For example, if a disaster like an earthquake is about to come, then first of all the animals dependent on the land, dogs, rats, and snakes, feel the vibrations of the land in advance and they get information about the earthquake in advance.)

Similarly, other creatures become alert in advance after understanding the gesture of nature. We humans also need to understand nature’s feelings very well. We are happy to tell you that we humans also understand the information related to nature in advance, it has become possible only because of nature’s expressions.

9. The birth and end of all beings is determined by nature

There is no doubt in this that we are the children of nature only. And our life and end is based on this. We are born in the midst of nature and in the end, we merge with nature itself. That’s why we should love and appreciate nature, we should not harm it. Nature is a boon given to us.

10. Nature connects us all living beings like a family

We are all children of nature, so we are one family. And we should stick together. Nature helps us to stay connected and fulfill our needs. And we all help each other like a family. This is very impressive work, which we must continue to do, through nature all living beings are connected, and dependent on each other. No one else can give us what gives us nature. We are all its debt rate which we cannot repay throughout our life, then we should love nature, this is our family

11. Change of all living beings with nature

We all know that if we do not change with nature then our existence would have ended. We have to live in harmony with the natural which is beneficial for us. (For example, earlier human bodies used to have thick hair, protruding teeth, bent bodies, etc. Earlier human was not so developed. He looked like an animal) But today human has developed a lot. This has happened only because of the change in nature. Which has been very beneficial.

12. Nature never disappoints us, and always keeps us happy

Looking at the above instructions and thoughts, we know that nature never disappoints us, always provides a happy life, and we must treat it well. i love not man the less but nature more and you should too

I love nature you do but how much let’s check || Nature Love Calculator ||

What does the writer say in the last?

why do i love nature so much ? i don’t know i just love nature i love nature i love the nature i love nature i love the nature

Now let’s talk about some interesting and important things about nature

Snapdragon feed Ford plant

i love nature
  • All of you must have seen a human skull at some point in the film, but we are telling you that it is not a human skull; It is a very beautiful plant, but when dry it resembles a human skull. When the plant’s flowers dry, they look like brown skullcaps, much like human skullcaps.

White baneberry

File:Actaea pachypoda, 2015-08-25, Bird Park, 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  • This plant grows in East Canada. White berries grow on the red branch of this plant, in the middle of which there is a black dot and it is very beautiful to see and they are like the eyes of a doll. But let me tell you that you should not go to them because it is poisonous but birds are saved from their poisons because they are immune to avoid it, well we humans should stay away from them because they are poisonous for us.

Hoya Plant

HD wallpaper: Flower, Pink, Hoya, Wax Plant, Creeper, pink Color, close-up | Wallpaper Flare
  • It is pentagonal in shape at first and when it blooms it produces flowers of white and pink color and these are round in shape which is attractive and charming. Seeing which you will feel nature lover.

Hormuz Red Beach

Hormuz Red Beach
  • On this beach of Persian Gulf hormoz gland, along with red sand on the seashore, the water here is also red in color, which is no less than a surprise to see.
  • Iron oxide is highly concentrated in the soil of Iran, due to which the color of the soil is red in many places of Iran.
  • And when the concentrated soil of iron oxide of hormoz gland meets water in the middle of the sea, it shows us this beautiful red soil and red-colored water.

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